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History of Destiny IV by NoradComm PART 1

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History of Destiny IV by NoradComm PART 1

Post by NoradComm on Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:32 am


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away

For many years have past during the Clone Wars Commander Norad, the leader of Destiny IV has began his journal for his life on the Clone Wars
The story begun on the planet Geonosis where the Clone Wars began their war on the Separtists.
During the day Norad was ranked as a Captain for their 341st Battalion Under the Command of Commander Veraska or the code name of Alpha 365

Norad`s first journal: Invasion of the republic on geonosis
So this is my first journal I'm Captain Norad from the 341st Battalion also the tactician Under the Command of Commander Veraska we`ve been ordered to rescue the 2 jedi knights and 1 person that was been captured by the geonosians on geonosis when we reached the arena we`ve seen a large number of separtists surrounding the jedi knights and padawans. Until then we`ve strike them hard until we`ve reached the land to save them. AFTER THE SUCCESSFUL rescue we`ve managed to help them from wiping out the Seppies until then we`ve realized that we`ve been ambushed by geonosians wiping out our battalion from the blink of an eye but we survived.the ambushed, thanks for Commander Veraska`s reinforcements with his AT-TE (all terrain-tactical enforcer mech) our men were survived and there were three of us Me and the other one is Private Johnson and Private Theodore when the war of Geonosis is over we`ve been took a Chain of Command under Veraska`s watchful eye before we`ve go through mission on Polis Massa where our mission is to recover the package Veraska introduced the new recruit for our battalion his name is Zukko with no rank he`s our new recruit for the mission.

To be Continued For the next story of Destiny IV

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