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The History of Destiny IV by NoradComm part 2

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The History of Destiny IV by NoradComm part 2

Post by NoradComm on Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:46 am

Norad`s journal part 2: on the siege on Polis Massa
Deep in the ourter rim Commander Veraska Give us a mission to retrieve the package which was stolen by the droids on Polis Massa. A lot of our men died from retrieving the Package, we`ve been sent out to retrieve the package at all costs, the clock was now ticking our forces created a diversion on the separtists in order for us to retreve the package and lessen the enemies we`ve encounter.In our armory me and the four men were having a brief for the mission private theodore will take the perimeter for our approach on the polis massa and also he wil take it alone while me, private johnson and zukko would take the hangar base

On our approach on the polis massa, a medical droid facity where the droids were been repaired after the battle. As we approach to the base we`ve seen a less enemies nearby so its very easy for us to take them off after that we also go to the medical facility where we lost and go to circles. At the control room private theodore were been captured by the droid named AB-2365.

In the mean time the droid leave and left his annoying auto-turret behind to have. Fun annoying theodore. Here's what they`re saying:
Annoying auto-turret-once he`ll ask you to kill and i`ll kill
Private theodore-uhh yeah what if he`ll say it are you gonna finish me?
Annoying auto-turret-no I will not you`re a loser
Private theodore- oh thats it! Its time to escape!

Theodore show off his blaster gun to destroy the annoying turret and escape.

On the hangar bay 2 we`ve saw a survived trooper taking cover.
Trooper:who are you friend or foe?
Norad: I'm Captain Norad from the 341st battalion.
Private johnson:I'm private johnson tactic officer
Norad:and this is private zukko he`s not gleamy mood today so I won't bother to start the conversation again he doesn't talk too much anyway so were friend not your foe

But then the.survivor was shot by AB-2365 we didn't know where was the shot came from
We retrive the package and were on our way to extraction when we nearly on to the extraction point we heard something strange it looks like a droid but there's no droid. On our sight and later on we heard that track it on zukko`s body some kind of electrical function on zukko`s body aferwards zukko started to shot us and we`ve been ambushed bythe droids and later on private theodore arrived by his stolen tank and try to shell out the droids including zukko and thanks to him and we go back to the base afterward commander veraska. Has ordered us to hae a new recruit for the new technician to the mygeeto new foes and place will be continued later.

To Be Continued Very Happy

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