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PSP Redesigned/Update

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PSP Redesigned/Update

Post by Sky on Sat Oct 05, 2013 11:03 pm

I decided to redesign my PSP, by switching out the LCD; the analog, flicker stick, ribbon cables, back bumbers, and the foremost buttons with my other PSP. Also feel free to post what your PSP looks like too!

But on to the update, I might be sending out a few new things I've been working for PSP2:

1. Menu Border Remover- Removes most of the blue borders around the menus while in game.

2. Auto Kicker- Kicks any person who joins, while on their screens it sends their PSP into a connection loop.

3. Party Maker- lets you make as many Party's as you want, but making to many will freeze you.
[NOTE: Too many people using this at once can potentially crash the server]
[Side effects- DCs other people's party's to make room for yours, hides other people's party's]

4. Party Hider- Lets you hide the party you previously just made.

5. Lastly, PSN Bug- This is a lil' harder to explain and is very dangerous for unexperienced Modders, this alters any players internal Connection Source, letting you control whos able to connect and whos not, pretty much letting you DC anyone just from the main lobby.
[May not release this one, as its very unstable]

[NOTE 2: These are not all in code format, so you must at least have some know how on modding]

Removes Border on Keyboard

Removes Border on Chat Log

Removes Border on Action Menu

Party Maker

As you can see Hybrid Jamie's party is up.

Disable his Connections ID and it DCs him

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Re: PSP Redesigned/Update

Post by Haseo on Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:04 am

nice psp u must be designer Very Happy / and nice codes i remember that when i was want join but when i do that its always /joinig party please wait/ and good choice that u dont want realese psn Bug and hope to see u soon Smile

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