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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Fancy letters Keyboard

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 Fancy letters Keyboard

Post by Haseo on Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:30 pm

_S ULUS-10529
_G Phantasy Star Portable 2 [USA]
_C0 Fancy Letters Keyboard(Credit Haseo)
_M 0x08D4E114 0x4E954EA5
_M 0x08D4E118 0x4EB34ED6
_M 0x08D4E11C 0x4EB64EB9
_M 0x08D4E120 0x4ECD4EC2
_M 0x08D4E124 0x4ED44ED6
_M 0x08D4E128 0x4EED4ED7
_M 0x08D4E12C 0x4EF04EEE
_M 0x08D4E130 0x03B203BB
_M 0x08D4E134 0x00440043
_M 0x08D4E138 0x004603BE
_M 0x08D4E13C 0x307F0047
_M 0x08D4E140 0x004A03B9
_M 0x08D4E144 0x03B603BA
_M 0x08D4E148 0x0040004D
_M 0x08D4E14C 0x03B803B7
_M 0x08D4E150 0x005103C1
_M 0x08D4E154 0x005303C0
_M 0x08D4E158 0x307203C4
_M 0x08D4E15C 0x03C903BD
_M 0x08D4E160 0x03B303C7
_M 0x08D4E164 0x00600396
_M 0x08D4E168 0x006203B1
_M 0x08D4E16C 0x00640063
_M 0x08D4E170 0x006603B5
_M 0x08D4E174 0x30930067
_M 0x08D4E178 0x006A03B9
_M 0x08D4E17C 0x03B603BA
_M 0x08D4E180 0x0021006D
_M 0x08D4E184 0x03C303B7
_M 0x08D4E188 0x007103C1
_M 0x08D4E18C 0x007303C0
_M 0x08D4E190 0x03C503C4
_M 0x08D4E194 0x03C903BD
_M 0x08D4E198 0x03B303C7
_M 0x08D4E19C 0x003F007A
_M 0x08D4E2C8 0x88E488E5
_M 0x08D4E2CC 0x8E6188E8
_M 0x08D4E2D0 0x8E6388E9
_M 0x08D4E2D4 0x8E478E46
_M 0x08D4E2D8 0x88E98E86
_M 0x08D4E2DC 0x88E688E2
_M 0x08D4E2E0 0x88EB8CE8
_M 0x08D4E2E4 0x83C083C9
_M 0x08D4E2E8 0x00440043
_M 0x08D4E2EC 0x004683CC
_M 0x08D4E2F0 0x82DD0047
_M 0x08D4E2F4 0x004A83C7
_M 0x08D4E2F8 0x83C483C8
_M 0x08D4E2FC 0x0040004D
_M 0x08D4E300 0x83C683C5
_M 0x08D4E304 0x005183CF
_M 0x08D4E308 0x005383CE
_M 0x08D4E30C 0x82D083D1
_M 0x08D4E310 0x83D683CB
_M 0x08D4E314 0x83C183D4
_M 0x08D4E318 0x0060005A
_M 0x08D4E31C 0x006283BF
_M 0x08D4E320 0x00640063
_M 0x08D4E324 0x006683C3
_M 0x08D4E328 0x82F10067
_M 0x08D4E32C 0x006A83C7
_M 0x08D4E330 0x83C483C8
_M 0x08D4E334 0x0021006D
_M 0x08D4E338 0x83D083C5
_M 0x08D4E33C 0x007183CF
_M 0x08D4E340 0x007383CE
_M 0x08D4E344 0x83D283D1
_M 0x08D4E348 0x83D683CB
_M 0x08D4E34C 0x83C183D4
_M 0x08D4E350 0x003F007A

if you want to back use Original Keyboard

_C0 Original Keyboard
_M 0x08D4E114 0x00320031
_M 0x08D4E118 0x00340033
_M 0x08D4E11C 0x00360035
_M 0x08D4E120 0x00380037
_M 0x08D4E124 0x00300039
_M 0x08D4E128 0x002C002E
_M 0x08D4E12C 0x00220027
_M 0x08D4E130 0x00420041
_M 0x08D4E134 0x00440043
_M 0x08D4E138 0x00460045
_M 0x08D4E13C 0x00480047
_M 0x08D4E140 0x004A0049
_M 0x08D4E144 0x004C004B
_M 0x08D4E148 0x0040004D
_M 0x08D4E14C 0x004F004E
_M 0x08D4E150 0x00510050
_M 0x08D4E154 0x00530052
_M 0x08D4E158 0x00550054
_M 0x08D4E15C 0x00570056
_M 0x08D4E160 0x00590058
_M 0x08D4E164 0x0060005A
_M 0x08D4E168 0x00620061
_M 0x08D4E16C 0x00640063
_M 0x08D4E170 0x00660065
_M 0x08D4E174 0x00680067
_M 0x08D4E178 0x006A0069
_M 0x08D4E17C 0x006C006B
_M 0x08D4E180 0x0021006D
_M 0x08D4E184 0x006F006E
_M 0x08D4E188 0x00710070
_M 0x08D4E18C 0x00730072
_M 0x08D4E190 0x00750074
_M 0x08D4E194 0x00770076
_M 0x08D4E198 0x00790078
_M 0x08D4E19C 0x003F007A
_M 0x08D4E2C8 0x00320031
_M 0x08D4E2CC 0x00340033
_M 0x08D4E2D0 0x00360035
_M 0x08D4E2D4 0x00380037
_M 0x08D4E2D8 0x00300039
_M 0x08D4E2DC 0x002C002E
_M 0x08D4E2E0 0x00220027
_M 0x08D4E2E4 0x00420041
_M 0x08D4E2E8 0x00440043
_M 0x08D4E2EC 0x00460045
_M 0x08D4E2F0 0x00480047
_M 0x08D4E2F4 0x004A0049
_M 0x08D4E2F8 0x004C004B
_M 0x08D4E2FC 0x0040004D
_M 0x08D4E300 0x004F004E
_M 0x08D4E304 0x00510050
_M 0x08D4E308 0x00530052
_M 0x08D4E30C 0x00550054
_M 0x08D4E310 0x00570056
_M 0x08D4E314 0x00590058
_M 0x08D4E318 0x0060005A
_M 0x08D4E31C 0x00620061
_M 0x08D4E320 0x00640063
_M 0x08D4E324 0x00660065
_M 0x08D4E328 0x00680067
_M 0x08D4E32C 0x006A0069
_M 0x08D4E330 0x006C006B
_M 0x08D4E334 0x0021006D
_M 0x08D4E338 0x006F006E
_M 0x08D4E33C 0x00710070
_M 0x08D4E340 0x00730072
_M 0x08D4E344 0x00750074
_M 0x08D4E348 0x00770076
_M 0x08D4E34C 0x00790078
_M 0x08D4E350 0x003F007A

The keyboard Comes With Chinese Symbols So Have fun and maybe i will Create Chinese Symbols keyboard Later  
Special Thanks To Phantom

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Re: Phantasy Star Portable 2 Fancy letters Keyboard

Post by StrifeComm on Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:54 am

np bro
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